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At Winsite Digital, we are committed to creating fully-customized, responsive, and commercially-effective WordPress websites for businesses and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. Our skilled team of designers understands how to leverage the features offered by WordPress and provide our clients with websites that are easy to use and that turn website visitors in paying customers and clients.

We guarantee that your website will be
unlike anything else available on the web

One of the most common complaints we hear from clients who come to us for help is that their website looks like every other website on the internet. This is true even for many “custom” sites, as many WordPress Development agencies simply modify an existing template ever-so-slightly in order to provide their clients with something they can call “custom.”

The expert designers at Winsite Digital work diligently to ensure that every site we create is fully customized and reflects our clients’ unique vision and business. We work closely with our clients and are equally comfortable providing suggestions as we are taking direction regarding design aspects, and work hard to bring our clients’ ideas to life.

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The Benefits of WordPress Websites

According to W3Techs, a full quarter of websites on the internet today use the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). For those in the know, this should come as no surprise, as WordPress is intuitive, relatively easy to use, and is capable of running cutting-edge, attractive websites. A WordPress website allows users with very little technical knowledge regarding web design and basic computer literacy to add or remove content at any time without the assistance of a professional. That being said, turning an out-of-the-box WordPress theme into a professional website requires a significant amount of technical knowledge, as does implementing widgets and plug-ins that provide extended functionality that visitors have come to expect.

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WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design

At Winsite Digital, we are capable of creating beautiful, functional, and responsive WordPress sites from scratch. We offer a variety of design services, including logo design, infographic development, illustration, icon design, and landing page design. In addition, we are passionate about user experience (UX), and strive to ensure that every visitor to your site is delighted. We understand the elements of design that drive purchasing behavior and incorporate those elements in each website we create in order to maximize our clients’ ROI.

We are equally qualified to take an existing website and give it a modern facelift as we are taking your basic concept and turning it into a revenue-generating reality. In addition, we will work with any existing

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WordPress Website Optimization

Having a beautiful, responsive, and compelling website is an essential part of establishing a professional internet presence for your business and is a prerequisite to generating new business online. If no one sees it, however, it is like having a billboard along the least traveled street in the United States.

Fortunately, WordPress sites can be search engine optimized. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of optimizing a site so that it gets noticed by search engines and is well-placed in the results when your prospective clients or customers search for phrases or terms that are relevant to your business. For example, if you were a digital marketing agency in Chicago, chances are that it would be lucrative if your website popped up every time someone typed “Chicago website design services” into Google and searched.

At Winsite Digital, we practice only white-hat SEO techniques and develop our sites with SEO goals in mind from the ground up. In addition, we can take your existing site and restructure it in a way that is in compliance with Google’s best practice guidelines, which can often take your page three site to page one.

WordPress Theme Customization

If you are at all familiar with WordPress websites, you have undoubtedly been exposed to WordPress themes. A theme is fundamentally an off-the-shelf website that can be branded and customized for a variety of different purposes. While the “demo” version of the theme may seem amazing and functional, many people who purchase a theme are disappointed to learn that getting their theme to look like a professional website requires a significant degree of technical knowledge.

The designers at Winsite Digital understand how themes are created and are qualified to take your basic theme to the next level. In addition, many themes are coded in such a way as to make them less-than-optimized for speed and other aspects of UX that Google considers a factor in its ranking algorithm. We will take a theme that you have already purchased or that has caught your eye and turn it into a professionally designed custom website that turns visitors into customers or clients.

Winsite Digital and WordPress

A WordPress website can be a great way to expand your businesses online reach and represent your brand in a professional way. Without significant technical knowledge, however, a WordPress site can only get you so far. The expert WordPress developers at Winsite Digital are dedicated to creating fully-customized, cutting-edge, and revenue-generating websites that exceed our clients’ expectations. We also provide ongoing support and will work with you until your WordPress site accurately reflects your vision. To speak with a member of our team, call us today at 312-796-9901 or send us an email through our online contact form