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At Winsite Digital, we are committed to creating websites that provide a top-notch user experience (UX) that are designed to convert visitors into clients or customers. We make UX an integral part of our design process, ensuring that your site will be noticed by search engines and delight your potential buyers.

Providing Customized Web Design

Every business is different – even those within your specific industry. While we acknowledge industry standards in web design, our goal is for your website to reflect and celebrate the identity of your unique company. We want your website to stand out, not blend in.

We will work closely with you to identify the unique qualities of your company that can be highlighted in your design, as well as conduct thorough research of competitor sites. With all of this information, our designers will develop a design plan that is memorable and that makes sense for the type of business that your company conducts. We strive for aesthetically pleasing designs that are – more importantly – highly effective in achieving your company’s objectives.

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Design that Attracts Your
Specific Customers and Clients

First impressions matter – and your website is often the first impression that potential customers and clients have of your business. If a customer goes to your site for a specific purpose, you want them to believe that you can fulfill that purpose.

For example, if you own a spa, you do not want a site that is loud and in-your-face. Instead, you want to attract potential spa-goers with a soothing experience that gives them confidence you can provide what they are looking for if they make an appointment online. From the title of your site to your logo and layout, every aspect of design will give off a certain impression and you want to leave an impression that attracts the clients you are targeting.

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Focusing on User Experience

Focusing on User Experience

While aesthetics do matter on your website, they are nothing if your design does not provide a high-quality user experience. If a customer becomes frustrated trying to accomplish a particular task on your website, chances are they will leave your site and almost certainly head to a competitor’s. On the other hand, if they are able to navigate your site with ease, they are likely to leave your site with only positive feelings toward your business and are likely to return.

User experience does not automatically occur but is the result of careful and strategic web design developed with a philosophy centered on the user. Having UX incorporated into every aspect of your design is probably one of the most important determining factors of your website’s overall success.

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Why UX Matters

If you had a retail store, you would expect your employees to provide the highest quality of customer service to ensure that everyone who entered had a positive experience that encouraged them to return in the future. In fact, you would likely fire an employee who makes a customer’s experience frustrating and difficult. So the question is: Why would you accept that type of lacking customer service for your online customers?

Quality UX means that your customers are more satisfied with their experience, which increases the chance of repeat sales, recommendations to others regarding their experience, and additional leads for your business. Focusing on UX not only keeps current customers interested but can ultimately boost your profits significantly over time.

Addressing a Variety of UX Issues

User experience is a science and you should always enlist the assistance of a design professional who puts UX at the forefront of their design objectives. Some issues at the heart of UX that we always address include the following:

Visuals – Websites with loud or distracting designs can detract from a customer’s focus on the task at hand. The colors and design should enhance their experience and not make it more challenging.

Navigation – While a certain navigational strategy may make sense to programmers, it may not be as logical to users. We think about how an average customer would naturally be inclined to navigate to the pages they want and then build your design around that.

Informational flow – Does the layout of your content follow the logical flow of how a user would want to learn information about your business? The content should be clearly labeled and easy to read for your customers.

Following Up

There is no point in having a beautiful custom website if it does not work or if it is never seen by your potential customers. Our designers will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure your website is as effective as it is stylish.

Quality assurance – We will repeatedly check the functionality of all aspects of your website to ensure it is working in the way that was intended. If certain parts of your site are not consistently functioning, we will address the matter as quickly as possible.

Optimization – Launching your site is far from the end of our jobs. Instead, we will work closely with you to improve performance, optimize your content, and add to your site as needed to ensure that you are getting what you want from your website.