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Winsite Digital is a web development company that’s focused on website design and development. As website design specialists, we build sites that maximize your visibility across the web and outperform the competition. We build our websites from the ground up to leverage every possible angle of your brand and create an immersive experience for your customers that keeps them coming back for more.

Our success and commitment to quality web-builds rests on our commitment to compelling user experiences and cutting-edge, clean aesthetics. We believe that when viewers visit your website, they should feel like they’re surfing with the wind at their backs.

A great web experience should be fun, illuminating and encouraging each new click out of curiosity and desire. That’s why we build frame by frame. We methodically craft our designs with relentless attention to detail whenever we begin to work on your website. Our steadfast focus on end user-experience ensures that you’ll be delighted with our work and, most importantly, so will your customer.

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Pricing by Page or Products

Outstanding web builds are comprehensive undertakings, requiring design, development, code, and copy (to name just a few of the core components). To keep pricing both predictable and transparent, we price by page and products. This also allows you to budget intentionally, as each component of your website should be highly deliberate and drive a specific experience.

Costs will wax and wane depending on the number of pages and products required for your web build. Each of our plans accommodate a maximum of pages per plan. We recommend a minimum of fifteen (15) pages to ensure best SEO and visibility practices with your site.

Please refer to our Pricing page for additional details on our packages and pricing standards.

Wireframes showing a Winsite Digital website in production

WordPress Website Design and Development

Since WordPress is the Number 1 ranking content management system (CMS) online, we specialize in this platform specifically because of its flexible structure and incredible track-record of success with content marketing efforts.

While most WordPress developers depend on pre-made templates and themes, we instead write our own themes from the ground up.

Why do we do this? Simple. Because we’re quality purists.

Reworking a standardized template is an uphill battle at best and doesn’t deliver a fraction of the functionality or attention-to-detail a truly outstanding web build demands.

Instead, we build from the ground up, delivering an exceptional experience that’s allows us to refine every aspect of your website to perform with the unique characteristics of your target customer in mind.

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Production Stages of a Web Development Company

Our website design and development production stages provide us with an infrastructure to ensure that your project is a success. Read on to get a glimpse of our process and the formula that guarantees your next web build is a spectacular success.



Each project we take on begins with an intensive discovery phase. This involves: Meeting with business owners; Conducting discovery calls; Learning as much as we can about your short and long term goals. By getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of your business, we can create a targeted plan of action, for your website and, deliver a strategy that outperforms the competition.

& Identity

From logo to slogan and beyond, we analyze your primary marketing messages and presentation to assess your brand image. We’ll create a web build that speaks to your primary demographic, drives traffic with targeted messages and provides the functionality that will best help your customer navigate your product or service. Every second that your customer spends on your website is valuable, and we’ll make sure that not a single second is wasted while a user engages your site.


Deliberate website projects require wireframes that will outline your website, and create a strong foundation for what’s next to come. Wireframing is an important part of our production process and allows us to discuss the intentions of your website from an early stage.


The design component is more than what meets the eye; it’s an approach to symmetry, harmony, and a balanced web experience that rewards users for their participation. The right color palette matched with the right user interface can drive more sales, inquiries and views. Design is much more than a coat of paint, it’s the first impression that a new customer has of your brand and leaves a lasting impression.

Keyword Research
& Mapping

Your website design and development project is only a smashing success if it reaches new audiences and opens new doors for your business. The right keyword research and site mapping allow us to systematically approach development of your website.
Our approach maximizes web ranking and visibility. Regardless of your product or service, if you’re buried behind other listings, it will be almost impossible to generate new business with your website. Instead, if you’re ranking on the first page of Google and enjoying the benefits of deliberate content, you’ll be first in your customer’s hearts, minds, and online searches.


Good copy can make or break your website. The right language immediately connects with your customer and forges a bond while embodying personality. However, the wrong voice can provide a lackluster brand experience that lacks authenticity. We create your brand’s voice that resonates deeply so your website design and development project tells a beautiful story. This way, your customers can embark on a personal relationship with your brand.


Our commitment is to the totality of your website, from start to finish. We’ll conduct a backend audit to ensure everything’s not only up to snuff, but that each individual element of your website works seamlessly together to deliver a unified experience.


Development is at the heart of your web project, leveraging unique code that’s built specifically for your website. While this stage is typically the one which requires the most time, it also delivers the greatest rewards. A website that’s been developed well will speak loudly, perform faster, garner more traffic and help you to convert views to purchases and subscriptions. If we had to trim all our other services and offer just one, it’d be our web development. But luckily, we don’t have to.
  • Post-Launch Technical Review

Code Review

Code review ensures that your website performs as well on the front-end as it does on the back-end. We won’t just write code and set your website out into the wild. Instead, we’ll launch a beta-phase to explore the ins and outs of your website and comb the code of your website from top to bottom.

On-site SEO

On-site SEO is vital to ensure that your website ranks highly and gets as much traffic as possible. The more traffic you receive, the higher your chances are to convert new business. So we can’t emphasize the importance of on-site SEO enough. We recommend a domain name, construct meta descriptions and tags, anchor keywords and more to ensure your SEO is optimized from the moment you launch.


Transitioning from our beta-phases to a live website is also known as our deployment stage. It can be likened to a rocket leaving earth and finally breaking into the heavens above. Champagne is optional for this stage, but we do recommend it.

Technical Review

A lot happens when your website design and development project goes live, so we’ll measure site stability, bounce rates, loading times and much more as part of our comprehensive technical review package. This lets us put the finishing touches on your website. It also ensures that the polish on the build shines as brightly as possible.



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