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A fantastic website is the foundation that sets your business up for new leads and engagements. A comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is the motor that keeps your website humming and climbing the ranks of major listings like Bing and Google. The higher your rank, the greater your visibility. The greater your visibility, the greater the chance of converting new leads into targeted sales, and customers into repeat brand – enthusiasts.

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Overall Visibility

A large component of our per-page pricing policy has been created specifically to ensure your website has the content needed not only to launch, but to maximize overall visibility. Your overall visibility is arguably the most important piece of the puzzle after web-deployment, and ensures that you have the tools to compete regardless of the size or competition of your market.


Keyword research

Keyword Research allows you to dramatically improve your efforts when it comes to targeting key demographics and engineering your content. Our intensive keyword metrics deep-dive to look at organic keywords, secondary keywords, keyword difficulty, search volume, clicks per search, average return rate and much more. Your keywords will anchor your overall SEO success, so this stage allows us to gain a true understanding of how you’re ranking and most importantly, what can be done to enhance your standing.


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On-site seo

On-site SEO piggybacks on our Technical SEO services (above) to ensure that your website isn’t just performing adequately, but is almost audibly purring. We’ll deploy meta-tagging, anchor text and a whole host of other services to target your core audience with your most compelling brand messages and calls to action.

Off-site seo

Off-site SEO is important to prove credibility on the web and includes other high-ranking websites that link directly to you. By interlinking your target SEO landing pages, emphasizing links on your homepage and deploying other proven techniques to enhance your off-site SEO, you’ll ensure that your search engine optimization efforts go as deeply as possible.

If on-site SEO is the cake, off-site SEO is the icing. We’ll make sure both are taken care of and your website is performing masterfully in front of your new, starry-eyed customers.

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Reputation & Review Management

The first think that users read when they Google your business name, might set an indelible impression that lasts a lifetime. We prioritize our reputation and review management services to ensure that your happy customers are leaving five-star reviews that send your listings skyrocketing to the top of the charts.

We’ll also deliver strategies that help to transform dissatisfied customers into dazzled brand advocates that can’t stop raving about your company. The difference between a four and a five-star review on Google can amount to tens of thousands of dollars of new business, per-year.

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Technical SEO

From site speed analysis to plugin cleanup, caching, and more, we do the dirty work so you can kick your feet up. Our Technical SEO site audits allow us to maximize your overall web performance and ensure that there are no snags along the way. Our technical SEO checklist is exhaustive, but since you asked…

Site Speed

Competitive TTFB and fully loaded time
HTTP and image compression
Image sprites if applicable
Externalized styling & JS
WordPress plugin clean-up if applicable

Mobile Responsiveness

Responsive design
% elements over width elements
Media queries if required for rich content in different resolutions
Prevention of JS, CSS, and image file blocking

A dashboard showing the bounce reduction benefits of a technically optimized website

Site Architecture

URL structure, siloed content, and faceted navigation if applicable
Absolute URLs
W3C Compliance
HTML and XML Sitemaps

Structured Data Markup
and Social Media Tagging

Identification of rich content
Use of Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper
Item scope and item type placement
Enhanced markup for popular social media channels
Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc.

Keyword Placement

Target 1 primary keyword per page and use of up to dozens of secondary and semantic keywords
Placement in titles, meta descriptions, header tags, and content

Video & Image Optimization

Placement of available graphics and optimization of alt, title, and file names
YouTube optimization if applicable


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Our SEO Lifecycle

SEO is practically a living and breathing thing; its constantly changing, according to new inputs and variables, and thus requires constant monitoring and analysis. We rely on a comprehensive approach of evaluating SEO processes from A to Z, which also known as an SEO Lifecycle. This approach is a deep-dive technique that ensures no stone is left unturned when it comes to your website’s traffic and ultimate impact.


An early research stage allows us to boil down our focus to just the best keywords for your website, analyzing user’s intent, search volume, Google Ranking, MOZ keyword difficulty and more.


The focus of your SEO campaign is to generate new leads and convert new business. We keep this at the forefront of our minds when crafting a unique SEO strategy for your website. Our strategy will focus on your key demographic and target customer, while centering around the core characteristics that are unique to your customer. This includes their job titles and concentrations, geographic location, gender, age, education level and much more.


From technical SEO tweaks made by our web developers to larger content strategies inspired by our creative strategists, our entire team sets to work to put the right SEO strategy into production for your website.


Without tracking and real-time reporting, tons of data is lost between the cracks. Data that would be better used helping your SEO efforts go the extra mile. We track everything from traffic to web-clicks, call-to-action click rates, overall conversion rates and e-commerce sales to get a vivid picture of what’s working and what’s not.


Your SEO report will always be available to you, as part of our commitment to total transparency. This analysis will contain detailed breakdown of your website’s performance including traffic, backlink data, content analysis, competitor research and any other information we deem pertinent.

Ongoing Adjustments

As long as you’re working with Winsite Digital, we’ll provide ongoing reports and consultation to help you decide if SEO efforts should be ramped up or down, and what needs to be done to maximize your overall web success.



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