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Cold email marketing

Cold email marketing

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There is a significant distinction between spam and a professionally-managed cold email marketing campaign. For one thing, one works and the other does not. One encourages potential clients to read and respond while the other could cause annoyance and drive them away. At Winsite Digital, we are experts at creating email marketing materials that get opened and generate a response.

Winning Inbox Campaigns

Having a customized and strategically designed website that showcases your business is not enough if potential or returning customers do not regularly visit the site on their own. A cold email marketing campaign can be an effective way to induce visitors to your website. However, not just any email will do – in fact, the majority of emails get deleted or marked as “read” without even a second glance at the content. So how do you devise a winning campaign that reaches customers through their inboxes?

Winsite Digital knows the number one objective of a cold email is to get the recipient to open and read it. We use formulas that attract email recipients to read enough of your email to make them want to actively respond to it in the intended manner.

Target the Right Customers at the Right Time

Target the Right Customers at the Right Time

First and foremost, if you aim a cold email campaign at someone who would never have any interest in your business, you are simply wasting your time and resources. However, through careful attention to data and analytics regarding consumer behavior, we can identify the best recipients for your cold email marketing campaign. These include individuals who will find interest in what your email offers and will take action accordingly.

In addition, the timing of a cold email is highly important to the success of a campaign. Emailing people too often, not enough, or at particularly inopportune times is an easy way to get your emails ignored. Emails need to be of the right frequency and the timing needs to be in sync with the customer’s estimated wants and priorities.

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The Importance of Email Content

The Importance of Email Content

Once the right individuals and the right timing are set, it is critical to focus on the content of the email. The content needs to be timely and relevant. The email needs to persuade the reader into doing what you want them to do – visiting your website and giving you their business. The entire goal of the subject line is to convince the recipient to open the email and read the first sentence. The goal of that sentence is to get them to read the second one, and so on.

The content of an email should be personalized and should make it immediately clear why they are receiving this message. This may sound simple but, in fact, composing a persuasive and effective cold email takes research and strategy depending on the nature and objectives of your specific business.

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Types of Cold Email Campaigns

There are different types of cold emails – not every single one will simply ask a reader for their business. First, it is important to welcome a new subscriber to your email list with a carefully composed welcome email. This email doesn’t necessarily have to ask them to visit your website but may ask for more information, such as interests and preferences so you can target future emails.

Other emails may provide specific offers based on a customer’s behavior on your website. Did they search laptops but fail to make a purchase? Send them a special offer on one. Additionally, some cold emails simply provide information that may be of interest to the reader to show you are invested in them and to keep you on their mind when they want to make another purchase.

Automation that Works

All of the above types of cold emails may be sent to the same customer – but over time. You do not want to overwhelm an email recipient. Instead, you want to keep them engaged and, remind them of your business at regular intervals.

Deciding when to send which messages can take a lot of time, especially after researching analytics and determining your recipient list. This is where Winsite Digital excels. We know you have many more important things to do than analyze piles of data and set email schedules. We customize an automated cold email marketing campaign that meets your needs so that you can focus on running your company.

Carefully Developed Email Strategies

There are a number of strategies that we can use when developing the content of your cold emails. Each strategy is intended to persuade a customer to act based on the nature of your business. One strategy is to desscribe how you would help the customer solve a common problem. There are many strategies for successful email campaigns. We are experts at find the strategy that will work for you.

We will carefully review the demographics of your prospective or existing client base, the nature of your services, and other data to help your company achieve its goals.