Demand generation creating new business opportunities for Winsite clients

Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Drive More Leads,
Capitalize. Repeat.

Without the right awareness, your website or product might get passed around a few times, but will likely wind up buried in a sea of open tabs or worse yet, left untouched altogether. Our Demand Generation service makes sure that your campaign isn’t just launched with flying colors, but that it also leverages new customer databases and conversion-oriented marketing strategies to make sure that a good lead makes the leap into a good sale.

How Does Demand Generation Work?

Demand Generation is a natural stream of sales and business development. It’s an ongoing process, so it’s best to image it as a cycle instead of moving in a linear direction.

While there are multiple techniques to Lead Generation, not all techniques are created equal. As with all of our services, we’ll focus only on the techniques that are best for your specific business and campaign goals.

While the individual components will vary, these three stages are consistent across all of our Demand Gen efforts:

Demand Generation

At the center of any Demand Gen offering is your brand, product or service. Spreading awareness of your company can be done through event-driven marketing, content marketing, interactive marketing or direct response marketing. When you garner a raw lead from a demand gen campaign, it’s referred to as an “unqualified” lead, which can be nurtured in later stages.
Which brings us to…

An demand generation infographic showing the lead nurturing and sales process

Lead Nurturing

We take all of your unqualified leads and start to polish them like precious gems. This means delivering valuable content or other giveaways that generate awareness and foster trust with your brand. We’ll start to increase engagement with your brand until these leads turn into “marketing qualified leads” or MQLs.

By consistently nurturing these leads with effective and valuable offers, we’ll eventually turn them into…



Your once unpolished leads are now shimmering, qualified leads. It won’t take much to advance these leads with deals and customized promotions to ultimately win a sale. Any leads lost are fed back into the lead nurturing process to begin the cycle again.

A truly great lead nurturing process will not only move leads through each stage and to the point of sale, but they’ll also capture feedback from any lost opportunities to measurably improve on the next effort.

demand generation strategy

A good demand generation strategy can be thought of as something of a funnel. By identifying broadest possible audiences that are likely to be receptive to your brand, you can start to move potential customers further along in the buying or enrolling process. By identifying these pools of potential customers and engineering direct response campaigns and marketing efforts, you nurture the relationship until the lead is ready to blossom as a full-fledged sale

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Email marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most crucial components of your campaign. A great email marketing campaign delivers a polished ad right where you know your customer is looking dozens of times a day: their inbox. We’ll help you grow your email database, capture more customer data and deliver targeted offers that speak directly to your customer.

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Outbound dialing

Outbound dialing services can exponentially increase your reach in a matter of moments. Make sure that your message is heard by thousands of new customers, utilizing outbound dialing techniques that work through the night while you sleep.

Lead nurturing

Lifetime customers and brand enthusiasts don’t learn to love your company overnight. The process can take days, months or years, but often leads to a lifetime of return. We’ll help you to nurture both new and existing leads to convert business and establish a level of brand loyalty you may once have considered impossible.

Lead Data & CRM Building

We’ve got you covered when it comes to harnessing heaps of lead data to bring your campaign into a new level of success. We’ll also help you to integrate customer relationship management (CRM) techniques that enhance customer satisfaction. If your customer is satisfied, they might come back, but there’s no guarantee. If they’re delighted, they’ll come back to you every single time. We’ll help you to master the difference.

Content Creation

A smart customer can spot cookie-cutter content from a mile away (or more). That’s why we create all of our content from scratch, from mobile ads to landing pages and more. By creating authentic, compelling content that offers true value to your customer, we gain your audience’s trust and attention in one fell swoop.


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