Competitive Costs that Emphasize One Thing:
Your Return on Investment

Winsite Digital is built on our commitment to offering high quality websites, customized content and effective marketing campaigns to small and mid-sized companies that would otherwise be left to fend for themselves. Our pricing is totally transparent, so that you’ll know where every dollar is being driven. What’s even better? We stay focused on your bottom line, so our services tend to pay for themselves over time.


Why does Winsite Digital price by page?

A great web build is a comprehensive undertaking. We believe that you deserve the highest level of transparency possible and the confidence that each dollar spent is going to drive the results you’ve been looking for. By combining the many components of a website into a per-page cost, you can easily understand how the size of your site will impact the total cost and customize your approach accordingly.

How many pages should my website be?

We’ll recommend a minimum of 10 pages to get started on your website. We may adjust this estimate according to your industry, competition and local market, but normally we find that this amount provides the foundation to launch a website that meets our standard of excellence.

We’ll work with you and examine any existing content you may have to determine a price and page-count that works for you. To your advantage, this count doesn’t include terms of use, privacy policy, sitemap, or similar types of pages, as we determine.

Do you require long-term commitments?

Most of our digital marketing services are month-to-month with absolutely no long-term commitment. While a few of our select services require up front 3-month commitments, we don’t consider this to be a “long term” engagement.

For the services that do require a few months of commitment, these timeframes are designated as campaign ramp-up periods. Clients enjoy month-to-month service thereafter.

Can I get a discount on website services?

Our services are priced to be affordable for both small and mid-sized companies. Every dollar spent drives your web build or associate campaign cost, which is our guarantee.

Can I get a discount for bundling services?

If you’re planning on engaging Winsite Digital for multiple projects, we would be happy to consider your total spend and afford you a well-deserved discount as part of an ongoing retainer. Contact us directly for more information.

Do you guarantee results on SEO, Paid Search, and Demand Gen?

We will do everything in our power to exceed your expectations with each new project we take on. Still, we in no form or fashion guarantee the end-results of your campaign. Digital marketing initiatives are complex and are subject to a multitude of variables. We cannot reasonably predict your success. That being said, we know you will love our service and the ROI that comes. If for some reason you don’t, in most cases you may terminate without penalty since most of our services are month-to-month.

What if I need something else?

Just ask us! In most cases, we’ll deliver everything but the kitchen sink to make sure you’re utterly satisfied with our services. We carfeully evaluate our customers needs. If our due diligence leads us to believe we are not the right fit, we will refer your to one of our partners.



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