Key Steps to Improve Your Website Usability

Before you ever meet your clients in person, they’ll probably spend a lot of time looking through your website. That is, they’ll spend a lot of time on your website if you have enough usability. If you have a user-friendly website, clients and future clients will have no problem spending time there. However, when your website experience frustrates users, it frustrates potential customers and reflects poorly on your business. If you’re having trouble with your business website, Chicago-based Winsite Digital Marketing is here and ready to help. Ready to improve your Chicago website design? Start with the guidelines below.

Mobile and Desktop

If you’ve designed a website from a desktop, don’t assume that everything will automatically adjust for mobile users. You may have a great desktop format but a frustrating mobile format. A good portion of your readers will access your site from mobile devices. Test your website experience from a phone and a tablet to make sure that all of your viewers get a good experience with your Chicago website design.

Readability and Design

You’ll also want to test your website’s readability. In the western world, we’re inclined to read from left to right. Headers and subheadings catch our attention first before we move on to smaller lettering. One excellent design option is to keep an “F” pattern in mind when you create your website. Keep important information at the top and to the left, then follow the natural gaze back and forth across the page.

Test Your Load Times

As experts in Chicago website design, we often test website load times. Why? Because people are generally not willing to stay on a web page that takes more than a few seconds to load. Test your load times from various devices to make sure that you’re not losing potential customers;

Easy Page Navigation

Finally, don’t make your readers hunt for important information. Use an easy-to-find navigation bar to help your clients find the pages that they want to find. Since you know where everything is on your own website, it may be hard to tell how easy it is for others to find information on your site. Have someone who’s never visited the site test it to see if they can find the different pages easily.

Chicago Website Design

When you need help with your Chicago website design, the best thing you can do is get a custom-made site from the design experts. At Winsite Digital, we’re well-versed in all things Chicago website design. We’ll design a site that will get and keep visitors. Ready to learn more? Contact us today.