7 Reasons Why Slow Speed and Poor Security Impact Your Marketing ROI

You invest a lot of time, effort, and yes, money, into marketing your business. Sometimes the biggest hurdle to small and medium-sized businesses is getting noticed online when big businesses stand ready to shove them aside. Because you’ve focused so intently on your marketing efforts, it’s important that you don’t allow slow speed and poor security to derail everything you’ve put into your business. Here are just a few of the reasons why poor speed and security impact your marketing ROI.

You Lose Time on SEO Efforts

Organic SEO takes a lot of keyword research as well as a lot of trial and error. If your efforts paid off, people will visit your website. Wonderful! But what if your pages take too long to load once people get there? Chances are that they’ll head right back to the search engine.

You Lose Money on PPC Ads

PPC (pay-per-click) is a great option for small to medium businesses because you get top priority in the search engines, but you only have to pay if someone actually clicks on your ad. Just like with the organic SEO option, imagine that somebody clicks on your ad. If your potential client is turned off by slow speed and poor security, you still have to pay for the click. And you haven’t gained a customer in return.

Poor Security Means No Trust

Websites that are vulnerable to data breaches, or even websites that look vulnerable to data breaches will mean a lack of trust from your potential customers. People need to establish some sense of trust before they make a purchase or book a service.

Reputation Damage

Poor security also means reputation damage. In online marketing, reviews can make or break a business, and people are quick to leave negative reviews for the smallest misstep. If bad reviews spread because of poor security, you won’t see a good return on your marketing investment.

Low SERP Priorities

Many search engines prioritize websites that allow for a good user experience. The algorithms track the amount of time people spend on your website. If people click away from your site because of slow loading speeds, you won’t reach the top of the search engines no matter how good your web marketing efforts are.

You Lose to Big Companies

What do these potential clients do when they click away from your site? They move on to bigger companies with well-established reputations. Once people have moved on to bigger businesses, it’s difficult to convince them to return to your site.

Obstacles to Your Product

People expect instant gratification when it comes to the internet. How many clicks does a customer have to perform to get from your home page to your product? If he or she has to wait too long in between those clicks, you’ve set up a barrier that may prevent a purchase.

Marketing ROI: How We Can Help

At Winsite Digital, we want to help you get the most out of your marketing ROI. If you’re struggling with poor speed and security, let us design a plan that will help put your business at the top of the search results pages. Contact us today via the form on our homepage.